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                           Good Earth Yearly Maintenance Program

Weekly Visits: (April 1 - October 15)

  • Mow Turf Areas
  • Control Weeds in Beds by Spraying and/or Pulling
  • Trim and Blow around Obstacles and Curbs
  • Keep Bed Edges Sharp
  • Remove Trash from Turf Areas and Beds
  • Keep Shrubs Neatly Pruned/ 'Dead Head' Perennials
  • Prune all Trees under 10 ft in Height
  • Remove Sucker Growth from Base of Trees

Bi-Weekly Visits: (October 15 - March 31)

  • Mowing Turf Areas as Needed
  • Control Weeds as Needed
  • Remove Leaves and other Debris from Beds/ Turf
  • Blow off Walkways, Pool Deck and Driveway
  • Keep Bed Edges Sharp

Turf Program:

  • 7 Step Turf Program Throughout the Year to Fertilize & Keep Weeds out of the Lawn
  • Aeration and Overseeding in the Fall
  • Fertilization of Ornamental Plants (Shrubs)


  • Hardwood Mulch will be Installed in all Planting Beds Once Per Year
  • Sharp Edge will be Cut Between Turf/Concrete and Beds Before Mulching
  • Beds will be Treated with 'Snap Shot' weed control pre-emergent before Mulching

The Good Earth Landscape Co. will never tear up your turf. If the ground is too wet we will push mow your lawn to ensure that there is no damage to the subgrade and no ugly ruts left in your yard.  At The Good Earth we always choose quality over speed. A little more time spent being careful will pay off in the long run for your property and our company.